Unlocking the Power of AI for Law Firms

In the midst of the heightened discussions around AI and legal sector, discover how Aderant is building a roadmap to help law firms use AI to build better business outcomes.

Aderant aiming to educate law firms on the practical uses of AI in a new webinar series

It’s hard to envision a world without artificial intelligence (AI). Its global recognition is evident as “AI” was named the most prominent word of 2023 according to the dictionary publisher Collins. While AI has captured global attention, the quest to uncover practical applications for AI in the legal field remains an exploratory journey.

To help educate chief innovation officers (CIOs), industry leaders, and their teams on AI, Aderant hosted an AI webinar as part of their ongoing Aderant Learning Lounge series. This webinar explored how AI is transforming industries, key considerations for leveraging generative AI, AWS solutions and applications companies are leveraging today, and recommendations on how law firms can enhance their generative AI journey.

Let’s explore how Aderant is approaching AI and helping law firms unlock new capabilities.

The Impact of MADDI – More Than Just AI

For the past two years, Aderant’s AI journey has led to many breakthroughs, with more on the way. This past June, Aderant introduced MADDI, a revolutionary new AI-powered virtual associate. Pre-trained on an extensive body of knowledge from several Aderant applications, MADDI was built by the engineering team at Aderant to solve complex problems in the ever-changing world of legal technology.

With client service as a priority, MADDI is designed to strengthen Aderant’s own technology, while also helping law firms enhance their client service. MADDI is more than just an AI tech tool – it helps Aderant cultivate its great pool of human talent to advance their skills and is continuously given new language models and data sets to proactively solve problems on the horizon for law firms around the world.

Requiring minimal experiential training, MADDI ensures value by continuously adapting to make itself more useful. Aderant employees and clients alike can look to MADDI as a new team member who comes equipped with useful information rather than a new employee with little knowledge who needs to be trained.

Currently, the Aderant tech support team can “Ask MADDI” support questions, get answers to routine and complex issues, and search for knowledge base articles.  MADDI powers Onyx, the groundbreaking solution that fully automates and unifies outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) compliance across time, billing, and eBilling. MADDI will also continue to be integrated across Aderant products in the future.

Understanding the Use of Language Models

The number of available AI tools on the market has increased exponentially. They can mostly be divided into two groups: closed-source AI (which is trained on its own proprietary data set to manage specific tasks) and open-source AI, which allows you to train it with your own data. Closed and open AI are more complementary than competitive, so rather than choosing between them, we draw out the best from both for a comprehensive approach.

Can WE trust AI data?

With all the excitement AI generates, skepticism and trust concerns are also prevalent. AI has been known to “hallucinate” or provide long-winded, inaccurate responses to queries. Aderant has learned that the more data we input into the AI, the more accurate and relevant responses we will get from it. If hallucinations are occurring, we know we must adjust the types of questions we are asking and add more data to increase the AI’s accuracy and fidelity. 

Building the Bridge to Success

The implementation of AI into legal technology solutions reveals a transformative journey that will deliver immense capabilities for law firms using Aderant products. As we navigate the evolution of AI and its practical uses, it is evident that the relationship between human intellect and machine capabilities has the potential to elevate the legal profession to unprecedented heights. This is why Aderant is focused on being the bridge to help law firms around the world get there. 

For the past two years, Aderant’s AI journey has led to many breakthroughs, with more on the way.

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